Oakobing is not a one-time transactional experience; it's a relationship. At Oakobing, we not only strive to deliver the highest quality Korean-style shaved ice, but we also provide a fun, customer-centric atmosphere that keeps our beloved customers coming back for more. Founded in 2016, Oakobing has quickly become one of Koreatown's most popular dessert cafes — the ideal cool-down dessert spot for the Los Angeles heat.


With a wide array of delicious flavors and an unmistakably fluffy texture, Oakobing's unique style of Korean shaved ice was carefully and artfully crafted to serve as the ultimate dessert experience. One flavor isn't enough? Try the combo to mix two flavors into your own custom, heavenly creation — like Injeolmi Ice Flakes with Injeolmi Croissant. It's a flavor you can find only at Oakobing.