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Setting the Standard for Korean Desserts: Why Oakobing Continues to Thrive in a Competitive Market

Oakobing, which means "shaved ice inside a jade jar" in Korean, specializes in unique Korean-style shaved ice, also known as Bingsoo or Bingsu. Unlike traditional shaved ice, our Bingsoo comes with a side of condensed milk for customers to pour over, allowing them to control the texture and sweetness levels to their liking. Our shaved ice is not only delicious but also boasts a consistent flavor throughout, thanks to our special equipment that infuses the ice with flavor. In fact, many of our customers prefer our shaved ice over ice cream due to its light and fluffy texture.

But we don't just stop at shaved ice. At Oakobing, we offer a variety of special drinks that come with shaved ice on top, creating a truly unique experience. Our drinks range from fruity to decadent, with options to suit all taste buds. One of our most popular drinks is the black sugar boba milk, which comes with a generous serving of shaved ice on top, adding a unique twist to this classic beverage.

At Oakobing, we believe that food should not only tastes good but also look good. That's why we take the presentation of our shaved ice and drinks very seriously, making sure that each dish is Instagram-worthy and ready for its close-up. From the beautiful layers of ice to the artfully arranged toppings, every dish is carefully crafted to be as visually appealing as it is delicious.

So whether you're in the mood for a refreshing shaved ice or a decadent dessert that rivals ice cream, come visit us at Oakobing and indulge in our unique Korean-style shaved ice and drinks. We promise that you'll enjoy both the taste and the experience!"

Franchisee Requirements

Net Worth and Capital requirements for a new franchisee:

  • Franchise Fee - $35k
  • Royalty Fee - 7%
  • Term - 5 years
  • Marketing Fee - 2%
  • Investment Range - $250,000 - $500,000.

These are minimum requirements and do not represent the total potential costs to open and operate one or more Oakobing units.

Additional franchise qualifications:

  • Business professionals with management experience
  • Restaurant or retail experience preferred

Own Your Oakobing

We are seeking franchisees who share our passion for Korean Shaved Ice/Bingsu. Applicants are preferred to have experience in managing and operating food/beverage outlets, with local knowledge of where they plan on opening their store.

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